ShulShopper in JTA, Jewschooler Pre-Launch Beta

A new tool is imminent when Daniel Sieradski, founder of the jewschool blog, launches ShulShopper. Sieradski pledges it will “provide the greater Jewish community with entirely free tools and resources conducive to independent Jewish learning and community organizing.” The launch was expected Thursday, but the site was not quite ready.

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It’s true. We hit a snag. The site won’t launch til tomorrow morning (my time).
For the Jewschoolfully devout, however, you can go to and poke around.
If you try to register, you will likely get a broken confirmation link. Just stick dev. at the beginning of the URL (
Email me any bugs, questions, etc. at info at

One thought on “ShulShopper in JTA, Jewschooler Pre-Launch Beta

  1. hey daniel
    say your pic in the paper and said i know this man.
    good for you , and power to you baby
    u prob dnt rembr me i am a frnd of Steve Friedman
    anyway all the love and power 2 u
    keep going

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