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Alternative Learning & Volunteering in Israel Site Launches

alvilogo1A message passed along to me through the usual super-secret Jewschool spy network channels…

I would like to invite you all to check out a new online Israel resource… The ALVI site serves as a resource hub of alternative learning and volunteering opportunities for students and graduates in Israel.

The site also offers information on alternative tourism, unique cultural opportunities, and a guide to learning about and teaching on diverse social and political issues in Israel. Also, stay tuned to ALVI’s “News Updates” for the latest information on job postings, relevant news, and opportunities for direct activism in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


ALVI aims to promote nuanced educational opportunities in Israel and to enlist international support for leading civil society organizations that are working towards a more just, democratic, and peaceful Israel.

Please check out ALVI today at: and feel free to pass the site information along to friends, family, and other networks that you think would be interested.

Mosey on over, poke around. This is what the internet is for!

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