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At what point exactly will Israel get tired of all this and do something about it?

Holy Crap! Haaretz takes on the right:
JTA reports that thousands of Hareidim went out to protest today, claiming that racism is – apparently- ordained by God, that -as usual- those nasty Supreme Court people are godless atheists in their insistence that they integrate a school, and that a vote for integration is a vote for “flotilla terrorists.”
Just another day in the life:
You have to give it to them, they certainly stand for Torah and are willing to fight for what they believe in, even if it has nothing to do with anything actually in Torah whatsoever, or if in fact, it opposes Torah altogether. No, no, what they say is Torah, it is Torah.
Why are they protesting? Well, hard to say since the Ashkenazi mothers fail to show for jail term, although 35 Ashkenazi fathers show up for their two week sentence. But as we know, they have the god-given, nay, God-demanded right to segregate their daughters from those nasty Sephardi girls, after all, as one mother pointed out, “The court and media don’t understand that this is another world,” a mother who is keeping her daughter out of school said. “The Hasidic program was created because of a different religious outlook. Only pure children attend it,” and we mustn’t forget that, “No court ruling or Education Ministry decision can bring the two groups together,” an Immanuel resident said Wednesday, “It’s like putting Americans and Africans together. They can’t study together with such huge mental differences,” he said.
Right. It would never work.

I know they don’t read the paper, and heaven forbid the Internets, but perhaps they might have noticed the color of the president of the USA? Hasn’t someone put up a poster condemning him to death as anti-Israel or a Muslim or something?
Technically, I’ll agree with one commenter I noticed, who said that Israel should not interfere as the Sephardim ought to not have their culture destroyed by the Ashkenazim, a process already heavily underway, and has been since early in Israel’s (modern) history, wherein Ashkenazim viewed Sephardi culture as inferior and attempted to bully it out of existence – and the fruits of that are noticeable, as -for example- Moroccan Jews in hareidi circles have taken to wearing the clothing of Polish noblemen of the 18th century. The minhag avotam, I’m sure.
Israeli government needs to stop letting hareidim run their own show in publicly funded schools (I’ll personally go further and say “At all, about anything.” In fact, I would go so far as to say that anything they support ought to be studied and questioned in depth as suspect, these days) while letting them get away with not doing anything democratic, treating public funds as a god-given right to teach their students the most poisonous crap ever about gender, race and heaven only knows what else; Torah indeed. Hardly.
Even the Haaretz editorial states it.
Let us summarize what ought to be being said:
The government needs to quit sucking up to create its coalitions by giving the hareidim whatever the hell they want – it’s causing a horrible rift in the nation, where they teach their communities any type of nastiness, and cover up the ugliness by claiming that it’s ordained by God and Torah, when in fact, it’s no such thing. While the government gives them public funds to do it. Knock it off, already. What they’re teaching isn’t Torah, it’s publicly funded social control, where in their population gets narrower and narrower as their rebbes tighten the reins on their brains.
There’s no good reason for Israel to continue to allow this. It isn’t Torah true; it is in fact, a chillul hashem
(only outdistanced by…..)
a somewhat remarkable assertion in the opinion column:
Yes, but the settlers are worse!
Why the rest of Israel hasn’t gotten interested enough to protest about this is unclear. They keep saying they’re unhappy about it. So, nu?

4 thoughts on “At what point exactly will Israel get tired of all this and do something about it?

  1. Since no one else mentions it, I will.
    How the hell do you jail a parent for refusing to send his children to a particular school? Is he completely witholding education from his kids? Or is he being jailed for not sending his children to a specific school?
    If the former I can kind of understand. If the latter then I think the judge and those who agree with him have been blinded by their own anti-racism rhetoric to see that they are imposing tyranny. What’s next, forced busing?
    Even if the parents are racist, the state shouldn’t be prosecuting thought crimes. Once they do it’ll be much easier to impose a theocracy on Israel. Think about it.

  2. Dibur Acher — are you at all familiar with this story? As an excuse, I can volunteer that even the JTA article gets it wrong in the first sentence.
    The protests had nothing to do with “integrating a school” — the orders have been present for months and the school already changed its policy to comply with a court ruling. The protests are exclusively about the fact that dozens of parents are being dragged off to prison because they want their children to be educated elsewhere.
    There were no mass haredi protests regarding this issue until the parents were dragged off to prison.
    I agree with formermuslim — which social vice and thoughtcrimes will the Israeli courts go after next?

  3. After having read more on this issue I can say conclusively that my suspicions were correct. The supreme court felt it could tell the parents where to send their children to school. And jailed the parents when they refused.
    I have noticed two things since this issue came to light.
    One, the supreme court justices are GODS to leftists, in whatever country. They decide matters of life and death (abortion) and the left cheers them on. They tell parents how to educate their kids and send armed men to their houses to enforce it and the left demonizes the parents. GODS!
    Second, it was freaking difficult to get the truth about this issue from the media. There was so much hysterical commentary about racism and what not it took a week to realize the parents only crime was their desire to raise their children their own way.
    GODS and lies. And people wonder why the haredim are insular.

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