Am. Gathering Seeking Shoah Survivors Affected By Katrina

The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors is seeking Holocaust survivors affected by Katrina so that they can provide assistance to them. Please contact amgathtogether [at] aol [dot] com with any names and contact numbers.
[Update] This is a list of names that was compiled by matching the names of survivors from New Orleans in the National Registry of American Jewish Holocaust Survivors at the American Gathering with the list of NOLA evacuees from the Jewish Federation. We do not know where these people are and if they have been accounted for. Some of these people may have been deceased before Katrina, and their families may not have notified the Gathering. As it is, we are anxious to locate them, because the Gathering wants to offer them additional assistance if they need it.
Isaak Borenstein (we know that his wife is listed by N.O. Federation.), Mrs. Ann Brum, Regina Lomm Halpern, Hele Tomtov Herman, Sarah Kirzner, Helen Lasoki, Thelma Lederman, Joseph and Henrietta Levkowicz, Harry Liwerant, Margaret Rosen, Helen Sher, Eve Dauba Wasserman, Imre Wollner, Mrs. Yokor, and Shephard Zitler.

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  2. hmmmmm – interesting! Wasn’t aware of that … I doubt I can change the referral code while I’m on Typepad because I just added the products and the system arranged them like that … chutzpa! I just thought it was weird the holocaust/katrina connection … the survivors I know are really old at this point and spend a lot of their time in … well – Florida!
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