Are People Kosher?

There are at least four different opinions on the subject. The Ramban says that when the Gemara learns that eating blood is permissible, it also learns that eating human flesh is permissible. The Ra’avad (Hilchos Ma’achalos Assuros 3:4), the Rashba, and the Rosh (5:19) agree with the Ramban.

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10 thoughts on “Are People Kosher?

  1. So…this means it’s ok to be a Jewish vampire if you don’t kill your victims or make them undead? (that is, just suck a little blood at a time)?

  2. There’s also the halakhah about respecting the integrity of a human corpse. Removing and eating pieces thereof would seem to violate that halakhah.

  3. It does appear that there is much debate over human flesh…but the link above does suggest drinking blood from a corpse would be OK. There might be an issue with disturbing a gravesite, so it might have to occur between death and burial.
    If the person were alive, and consented, then it wouldn’t be assault and battery.
    From ewww to kiiiiinky, in one sentence.

  4. From a biblical standpoint, I can see no way a human would be Kosher, live or dead. Do we have cloven hooves or chew our cud? Well, certain individuals in Washington D.C. might..
    I think that the only instance that consumption of human flesh might be acceptable is to save a life, like the soccer players had to do in the book Alive.
    Disgusting thought either way.

  5. Well said. I totally agree with you. The point you are making here does make sense. And all those who oppose your views actually lack the basic essence of the subject. You must keep doing the good work.

  6. According to Jewish law it is a less sin to eat human dead flesh than eatiing non kosher animals.This question can come up in a holocaust scenerio where a choice of eating a non kosher animal or badys lying around.

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