Am I the only one slightly offended by this article's title?

As I’ve sort of lost the ability to discern speeches written by public relations guys, and sincere apologies; I’m gonna go for broke and give Mel the benefit of the doubt. I think he’s probably a bit of an Anti-Semite just because of how he interprets Roman Catholic dogma, but by all reports; he’s actually a pretty tolerant guy. I mean. Come on. Dude was raised by a Holocuast denier who lives in West Virginia – what are we expecting? And Christ did talk a lot about ‘forgiveness’, ‘love’ and something about about this thing called ‘tolerance’, that I can’t find any definition for in modenr dictionaries. I figure it’s Aramaic. But you get what I mean.
I think I’m actually MORE offended by Matt Drudge’s fine headline, so blunt I think the Ozzies up at the New York Post would actually sort of flnch.
or not.

15 thoughts on “Am I the only one slightly offended by this article's title?

  1. First of all, not that it matters, but just for the record Matt Drudge is Jewish. I don’t know how many people know this but he has mentioned it many times. In fact when he was BLASTING Mel Gibson’s movie when it came out, he mentioned that he was offended and that he was Jewish on several occasions on his show.
    Second, you can’t take that title at face value, Drudges humor is very unique. You have to really appreciate Drudges style to get that headline. He is actually making fun of Gibson with the way the title is written. He is writing it pretending to be a supposedly reformed former anti Semite apologizing. Like, “OK … Fine, I’ll apologize cause the busted me, I’m sorry to “The Jews” Farshteis? Good, glad I cleared that up.

  2. I used to work at the New York Post, Chaim. I know Drudge is one of The Tribe. I also know he’s kind of a sanctimonious prick, if reputation means anything. The headline bugged me. So bloggified it. You’re probably right though – Gibs could be a raving nutbag. Who knows.

  3. What can I say, I like his dry ultra subtle humor. He speaks with images, headlines and placement. I guess not everyone likes his style. To each his own right?

  4. You know….forgive me if I am mistaken but, I have read Mel Gibson’s appology specifically to the police officers, and a general appology for comments made, but I fail to see any appology to the Jewish people as a whole. How are we to know he is only REALLY seeking forgiveness for the “sugar tits” comment to the female officer, or the spewing of him “owning Malibu”? Sorry. Not convinced.

  5. I distinctly remeber that far from BASHING Gibson’s anti-Semitic snuff flick, Drudge was PRAISING the thing on his radio show as he shamelessly pandered to the “family values” crowd. I was a lot more offeneded by that and the fact he is a self-hating homosexual cheerleader for G.W. Bush than I was by his headline.

  6. Remember on next Yom Kippur… you need to ask everyone you have wronged for forgiveness, and then they need to get in touch with Abe Foxman to find out whether you can get it or not.

  7. I mean, come on, Mel had a choice: either go with the historically incorrect–but politically correct in WASP-landia– line that ‘the Jews Killed Jesus’, or put the blame on the empire of the day.
    Blaming the capitalist empire was too close to the bone for Hollywood–even some of the fabled Jews that ‘control’ the industry.
    Don’t want the masses associating the empire with killing a rebel whose claim to fame is siding with the oppressed, now would we.
    Ain’t capitalism grand? About Mel G.—What would Jesus do?
    The forgiveness angle is so cliche. Hey, maybe you people can ask the Mossad to bomb Mel. Just a thought….

  8. Another reason to distrust the ADL. ‘Sincere’ apology? Gibson doing an Arnold Swastikanazi, and paying some bucks for a clean vetting?

  9. Speaking of the ADL site and their presentation of the Gibson fiasco, I find it….interesting that this whole incident happened on the same day that whack job shot up the Seattle Jewish Federation, yet it got 2nd bidding. Anyone?

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