Amira Hass Explains Hamas Terror

Amira Hass reports that Kassam rockets apparently explode by themselves after six months. So what’s Hamas supposed to do with them other than launch them at innocent people?

A Palestinian journalist asked an armed Hamas militant yesterday why his organization had suddenly begun to fire Qassam rockets again after two months of quiet. His answer: “Do you know how many Qassams we have? What are we going to do with them next month, after disengagement?”
Some people say that six months after being manufactured, the Qassams explode by themselves. If so, it might explain the urgency Hamas suddenly feels to get rid of them.

It’s that simple.

11 thoughts on “Amira Hass Explains Hamas Terror

  1. It’s a good thing we have her living in Ramallah to explain these constraints that the Hamas employees have to deal with.
    We should allow consultants to go in and reach them how to extend the shelf-life of their missiles.

  2. serious question: isn’t it a rquirement that we love our fellow jews, they all have the “jewish soul”? then we have a jew like amira who is virtually an ally of terrorist groups trying to murder israelis (read the whole article, it gets worse). so how is a jew who is attempts to be observant suppose to deal with amira?

  3. You imply that she is attempting to rationalize the launching of rockets at civilians, but it seems from the context that she is trying to explain the rationale behind a sudden change in tactics.

  4. Um, this post is COMPLETELY MISLEADING.
    She doesn’t vouch for this as her own PERSONAL theory, she simply quotes an unnamed Palestinian journalist.
    But then she dismisses this theory, “But the issue behind the escalation of violence is fundamentally one of internal Palestinian competition.
    “and then she proceeds to get to the main theme which is analyzing internal Palestinian politics.

  5. There is absolutely nothing misleading in this post. It consists almost entirely of a direct quote from the beginning of Amira Hass’ article and contains a link to the whole article. It doesn’t get much more objective than that.
    I never state that Hass is expressing her “PERSONAL theory.” I simply quote the beginning of her her article. It’s her words. She also does not “dismiss the theory,” as you claim. She goes on to discuss the interal power struggle among Palestinian factions. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive. And she doesn’t quote an unnamed Palestinian journalist. She puts quotes around the words of the terrorist. If she were just relaying what someone told her, she would paraphrase, not quote.
    I also never said it was the “main theme” of her article. But the fact remains that this is how she chose to open the article. To suggest she doesn’t believe what she herself writes requires some serious evidence. If she didn’t believe the theory was at least plausible, don’t you think she would simply have left it out?
    I think what’s really bothing you is that the quote, which I ran exactly as she put it, seems to confirm accusations that Hass is a borderline apologist for terror. At the very least, it expresses much more understanding for the terrorists than their victims, who are not mentioned at all.
    This is underscored even further by the fact that a 22-year old woman was killed by one of these rockets in her own home on Israel’s side of the green line only two days before the article appeared. But that fact was not mentioned anywhere in the whole piece.

  6. There is no moral endorsement of shooting rockets in the article. She is giving a possible explanation for the contrast between the sudden urgency and the preceeding period of quiet. I don’t understand how this article makes Hass “a borderline apologist for terror.”

  7. If you’ve ever read Amira Hass before, you’re see the pattern. She isn’t a borderline apologist, she’s a full-fledged terror defender.

  8. how about saving them for a gaza independence day celebration. rockets bursting in air, etc.
    also, kalman, obviously you don’t like amira, but she’s only reporting what someone else said. she’s not necessarily backing the guy’s explanation.

  9. You are perfectly free to not like Amira Hass, but I maintain that the title, the text and especially, the “Its that simple” link text essentially misrepresent what the article is about. She is just reporting different speculations not “explaining Terror,” let alone justifying it.
    It was the Hamas militant who was justifiying the attacks, not Amira Hass.

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