Biblical Treasure Discovered

2000 year old scroll fragments dating to biblical times were discovered during a an encounter with a Bedouin thief in the Judean Dessert. Israeli antiquities authorities are investigating its hopeful authenticity, unlike the infamous fake jesus ossuary. Archeaologists are confident that this will lead to additional discoveries in the region. Full Story

6 thoughts on “Biblical Treasure Discovered

  1. so if they find the “real” ossuary, can tourists jump over it like they have prepared tourist coal-walking elsewhere, so you can say you “jumped jesus’ bones”?
    thank you, thank you, we’re here all month, try the fish.

  2. With god’s help,
    the holy ark of the covenant will be found within the next few weeks when the dig begins.

  3. Maybe they’ll find the long-lost preamble to the Old Testament It used to be right at the very beginning — right at the very top of the first page. It was just a short paragraph that seems to have been dropped from the later editions. All it said was:
    “The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.”

  4. I predict they will find a scroll which will resolve centuries of dispute as to the original pronounciation of the Tetragrammaton. And the answer will be…envelope, please…
    Ba-da-bump, clash! You’ve been a great audience. G’night.

  5. If the Ark of the Covenant were found, I think it’d be really cool if Hamas or Islamic Jihad terrorists opened it and it melted them like the Nazis in the first Indiana Jones movie. You gotta love a movie that has melting Nazis.

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