Medavchim Mehashetach(im)

Just got this email (typos in original):

Immatin Qalkilya region, Occupied West Bank-
Military jeeps invaded Immatin early this morning and announced curfew until six PM. One of the soldiers told an international volunteer that the area would be opened when work on the wall for today was completed.
Some of the villagers defied the curfew to perform the Friday prayer at the village mosque. Soldiers surrounded the mosque and threw tear gas inside it. Villagers reported that military jeeps were driving around the village throwing teargas and sound bombs. Residents reported that the army loaded stones from the jeep and threw stones towards the houses. These events fallow a demonstration against that took place in the village yesterday in which 30! 0 Palestinians joined by Israeli and international activists non violently protested the theft of their land for the construction of the Annexation Wall.
Israeli military and border police were scattered throughout the village’s olive groves before the nonviolent demonstration left the village toward the location where Israeli bulldozers were uprooting olive trees. Israeli soldiers verbally declared the area a closed military zone (they did not produce a warrant) and immediately began firing sound bombs and tear gas at the nonviolent and peaceful
demonstration. The Tear gas canisters shot from special guns were not shot into the air but aimed directly at the protestors.
Some Palestinian youth responded by throwing stones at the soldiers. Palestinian medical personnel reported that more than 31 demonstrators were injured by teargas canisters rubber coated metal bullets and tear gas. Mahfouz Abu Turk, Reuters photographer was hit in the head with a rubber bullet and was treated on location by
Palestinian medical personnel. Neta Golan, an Israeli activist with the International Solidarity Movement, was taken to the Qalqilia Hospital after Israeli soldiers fired a tear gas canister at her from a distance of six meters. She was treated for burn wounds and a ruptured muscle in her right thigh.
Three Israeli activists, Jonothan Pollak, Eli Fabrakant and Karil Kiatkovski from Anarchists against the Wall were arrested and taken to the illegal Israeli settlement of Qedumim where they were charged with illegal assembly and entering a closed military zone. They faced a judge today and were released on conditions
After the demonstration retreated back into the village, Israeli soldiers and border police entered the village and surrounded the clinic where people injured were being treated and detained twenty of them. Women fr! om the village grabbed the detained men from the army as other residents and activists surrounded them. As more people congregated near the clinic, the military and border police began firing tear gas and rubber bullets inside the village. The military commander assaulted a non- violent Palestinian protester.

The report was written by Yafit Gamila Biso.

22 thoughts on “Medavchim Mehashetach(im)

  1. sounds like the idf was finally getting in gear and moving forward with erecting the wall to keep muslim terrorists from killing more jews. nice report, hope to see many more like it.

  2. That’s what you choose to discuss? You freekin disgust me. Go live in gaza city with your terrorist friends. Bombs are going off constanly in israel, Jews are being murdered, the PA and HAmas are at war, suicde bombings are happenong everywhere, and this is what you cry about?
    I’m sure that it was a “peaceful” “non-vio;ent” protest. You mean the anarchists were blinding soldiers with rock barrages?
    You are pathetic.

  3. Honestly. Avi and Prodly. This is going to be an ad-hominum attack.
    Both of you are pathetic. You don’t know whats going on there, but you got nothing going on with where your at – so you choose to hate, dehumanize, and disgrace the name of Jews and Judaism.
    YOu just read how a community was assaulted, harrassed, beaten, and violated even during prayer hours and all you can do is smirk and ask for more violence. A military commander violated a non-violent protestor. A soldier shot another from 6 meters. For all I care, these people condemned to a punishment greater than the words I wish to spit at him.
    If you don’t mind, shut your venemous tongues before you hurt yourself.

  4. I’ve never really understood how Jewish people feel about Europeans, particularly the Germans. When you consider the deep trauma that your culture endured, I wonder if the basis for your anti-Arab/Muslim feelings (for those of you who have them) is founded on displaced aggression or anger. It’s interesting, I remember watching interviews of the people who participated in the famous prison experiment at Stanford. They were interviewed in pairs (a prisoner and a guard) years after the experiment and you could turn down the volume and literally tell who was the guard — the one sitting up straight and leaning slightly over the other, with a sort of air of bravado. Some how this captures for me the Jew’s posture relative to the German’s. Maybe someone on this forum can share what there honest feelings are about the Northern Europeans.
    Also, I have a deep curiosity about how Jews feel about American Indians. In some ways it seems that Jews can relate, as both were forced off their land (although Jews not as recently as the Indians were) and both were victims of genocide. However, I am not sure if anyone is in favor of restoring land back to the Indians. And then you have to wonder what Jews feel about Palestinians, who also were forced off of their land after inhabiting it for 1200 years, only to have it claimed by people who were essentially of Northern European descent.

  5. Blow me Daniel. I know EXACTLY whats going on there. FUCK THEM! I’m not smirking and there is certainly nothing funny going on.
    I just want to know where your protest is when the jewish anti-disengagement anti-violent protesters are mercilessly beaten? Or when a shower of boulders rain down on innocent Jews praying at the Kotel, or when Kassam rockets are landing everywhere.

  6. prodly, you should ask that yourself. Your hypocritical approach seems to be something like this – the army can violently suppress non violent demonstrations of palestinians but it cant do the same thing for settlers. I think that in both cases the army’s violence is unjustified.

  7. So showme,
    Is your point that everybody’s history sucks and nobody’s innocent? I can agree with that. Now go make everyone happy and secure.

  8. Showme-
    “When you consider the deep trauma that your culture endured, I wonder if the basis for your anti-Arab/Muslim feelings (for those of you who have them) is founded on displaced aggression or anger.”
    Yeah, that or centuries of dhimmi status punctuated by occasional violence, followed by a twentieth century of Arab support of Nazism, three attempted genocides, and constant random murder of civilians some of us call terrorism. (And after all that, Jewish anti-Arab feelings are surprisingly mild.) But that displaced thingie from your grad seminar sounds good too.
    Personally, I tend to take Europeans and Germans as they take me. When they try for self-serving guilt-assuaging hogwash like comparing the Jews’ current behavior vis-a-vis the Arabs to Germans’ behavior toward the Jews (“look- theyr’e no better than us! See, everyone abuses what power they’ve got”), I kindly invite them to go to hell (must be that displaced business again).

  9. Regarding the e-mail report, maybe we should wait for some corroboration. In the meantime, why do I have trouble trusting someone who writes
    “Look, I’m a daughter of the Arab culture. I’m Israeli and Jewish, and I don’t know whether I’m proud of it or not in view of the operative policies. I’m sometimes ashamed of being Israeli when I see that an Israeli killed a little girl, whose only fault was that she went to school that morning. That’s what brought me to all these activities. “

  10. J — here is another eyewitness report:
    yesterday i went to immatin with about 300 other people who were trying to reach land that has been cut off since the construction of the wall began there more than a week ago. you may remember my report from a few days ago about the uprooting of close to 1000 olive trees in immatin.
    the demonstration was nonviolent and as soon as we approached the soldiers they began to shoot tear gas directly at the protesters. they also shot rubber bullets and live ammunition. at one point a group of people began to pray. they prayed while tear gas was shot at them and the area was full of gas and smoke. after the demonstration retreated back into the village, the military came in in
    jeeps to the baladia (village council) rounded up the people inside and began to search and tried to arrest people who were inside. they then tried to go down roads into the village. several of us made a human wall across the road where they tried to enter so they shot tear gas directly at us. over 25 people in all were wounded with
    rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas. two went to the hospital with bad injuries.
    i saw them shoot tear gas directly into four houses in the town (far from the demonstration site).

  11. xisnotx, thanks for that great eye witness report on the success of the wall, its clearly keeping the terrorists and their fellow travelors away from the jews, at least making the murder of jews a little more difficult. and its good to know the idf is protecting that wall. xisnotx, please post more stories, its good to know that even if so many in the west believe that kissing muslim ass will protect them from the murderers, israel knows the truth and is acting on it.

  12. avigreen,
    A couple of years ago, two Israeli MK’s were being given a tour of the Great Wall of China. The tour guide explained all the expense and technique that went into building the wall. The guide then remarked (as closely as I can remember), “despite all this, the wall did not keep out the Mongols. Israel would do well to think about this.”

  13. showme, there is a Dutch young adult’s novel titled “Nightfather,” in which a Holocaust Survivor talks for a bit on the common experience of the Jew and the Sioux.

  14. and why do we need that wall since the religion of peace [tm] is open to peace with israel?
    “As long as Jews can immigrate to Israel by the tens of thousands each year while Palestinians stay hungry and homeless, I am afraid this will contribute to the violence in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is time for all of us to take a stand against terrorism and eliminate its causes. Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi heads the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights. Send letters to [email protected].”
    so we have an american muslim leader of a mainstream mosque in detroit writing in a major american newspaper that we must destroy israel in order to stop muslim terrorism. any one have any better suggestions?

  15. avigreen, your response is hyperbolic. He put the issue of Palestinian refugees at the center of the conflict, and says that if it isn’t solved, the conflict won’t be solved. Nothing about the refugees being “hungry and homeless” implies that only settling them inside the Green Line can solve the problem.

  16. xisnotx, suggest you go back and reread that quote. please not in particular the reference to “as long as jews can immigrate to israel by the tens of thousands” = destroy israel. xisnotx, dont know if youre jewish or not, if yes, you are first on the muslim list to be murdered, if youre xtain youre second, either way not something i would let pass unnoticed.

  17. It sounds to me the that army is sick and tired of Israeli left-wingers and anarchists throwing rocks on soldiers who DIE and lose actual eyes from this ‘civil disobedience’.
    FWIW, I’m against the wall and would love to go protest, but this anti-wall movement is secular people only. What REAL organization only waits for the weekend (and shabbat) to protest?

  18. Please… first and foremost I would like to see some real sources, second of all, these demonstrations are hardly non-violent. PErhaps the Israeli traitors who stand side by side with the arabs aren’t always directly involved in violence, but you can bet almost always, the arabs in attendance are throwing rocks, etc…

  19. Avi — no i really do think this is hysteria on our part collectively. think about it; have you ever been to your grandfather’s shtetl? I have — it’s all concrete now. Either way, there’s no way I’d want to move back to Poland with all the Yiddishkeit gone. What’s there for me? similarly, if some Arabs came back, and the stories started to trickle back about how Israel is no longer the Palestine they remembered, not so many refugees would want to keep coming.
    A little while back Khaled Abu Toameh did a question and answer session on JPost about ROR. He cited studies that showed only about 100,000 refugees would return. If that’s accurate, I hardly think that would destroy Israel.
    Digital — check out Meron Rapaport’s piece from Ha’aretz: http://www.kibush.co.il/show_f

  20. 1st jews are the desendants of the israelites that sayed. there was never a large arab population until the new imagration of jews got there (most of it was uninhabitable) and they talk about it as if the jews left they were there for 4,000 years we were there and STILL are there! STILL not all of a sudden. 2nd a anser for shome the europeans invited us to eurup to be there acountants (NOT A JOKE) and ever since we got there have opressed us now the europeans were responsable for these jews being out of there holy land in the 1st place when the romans siezed jerusalem now after countles geocides they they condem us being in the land they forced us out of in the 1st place. im not a racest but that makes me a litle mad

  21. “im not a racest but that makes me a litle mad” — True Jew
    Yes, that would make me more than a little mad. I’m not clear on who you are mad at, though.

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