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An alternative, or addition to World Pride–Queeruption 2006

For those who might be looking for an event that will actually use the word queer (!) — along with World Pride, Queeruption will also be hosting their 9th year in Tel Aviv from August 3 – 13th.
Here’s some of the invitation:

In the last Queeruption in Barcelona there was a proposal by present Israeli queers to hold the next Queeruption in Tel-Aviv, which was welcomed by activists from the Middle East, Europe and North America. This initiative was rooted in our belief that as queers we view ourselves as part of the global struggle for freedom, justice and self determination.Thousands of LGBT people are expected to attend the World Pride event in Jerusalem in August 2006. This event is also used as a chance for the Israeli office of foreign affairs to hide the government’s war crimes behind a rainbow flag. The slogan of the World Pride Parade is “Love Without Borders”. We believe that love without borders should reject occupation, apartheid, social injustice, ecological destruction and walls. There has been a global call to boycott the World Pride in Jerusalem by various Palestine solidarity groups as well. We feel that it is important to push our solidarity further by coming to Israel and Palestine for a celebration of our diversity, empowerment and resistance. It is the first time that Queeruption takes place outside the borders of rich western states. This Queeruption will also extend beyond the centralized location in Tel-Aviv to the West Bank and spice up the World Pride parade in Jerusalem. There are also possibilities for people interested in staying longer to join solidarity work in the area which we will provide links to.

There’s a great trailer you can watch, as well as a FAQ page that goes more in-depth about the political perspectives of the organizers, terminology, links to numerous articles and organizations with varied political perspectivies and affiliations–and overall a predominantly candid representation of a number of the social, economic and political issues impacting the state. Kudos to Queeruption for putting together these fabulous resources.

6 thoughts on “An alternative, or addition to World Pride–Queeruption 2006

  1. Um, this is part of the problem with homosexual activism. It mixes multiple issues in what ought to just be gay rights. By taking the anti-Israel stance (“war crimes”, “Palestine” (there is a Palestinan Authority but (at least yet) no Palestine), “apartheid,” etc.) they turn off pro-Israel or center-right from speaking out on behalf of gay rights but instead turns them against gay pride parades.

  2. Oh wise amechad, if only you could show us the way–in fact, why don’t you put out the platform we should all follow including, acting as straight as possible to ease any potential twinge of homoerotic tension that might be in the air for you, and then maybe, just maybe we’ll win them all over! Yes, you have shown me the light!

  3. Firstly, “queeruption” is a product of a movement of queers who distinguish themselves from the mainstream “gay and lesbian” movement. Many Israeli queers engage in anti-occupation activities and have no desire or need to cater to “pro-Israel” or “center-right” GLBT people. Secondly, the organizers and supporters of queeruption do not attend gay pride parades so that straight observers will be convinced that GLBT people are exactly like them except for the gender of their sexual partner. Members of “black laundry” (queer Israeli group, “against the occupation and for social justice”) march at pride parades to remind LGBT folks as well as straight folks that while we party, an occupation is still going on. Many queers do not have the luxury of simplifying their cause to be just about gay and lesbian rights, they see the connections between different oppressions. Separating those out in one’s mind, to me, signifies a degree of privilege. For a Palestinian queer woman, for example, “mixing multiple issues,” as you put it, is a necessary part of one’s life, not just a model of activism. Gay rights only exist on their own primarily for white, middle- and upper-class men. For the rest, issues of race and economics go hand in hand with sexual and gender identities. It’s not a style of activism, as you make it seem, it’s brought on by the way all oppressions are connected.

  4. as kelsey has pointed out, these people are not really queer, it’s just a pose for their real agenda of pushing jews into the sea.

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