Where have all the cool Jews gone?

David Marchese writes in Salon,

Leonard Cohen is a Jew. But he’s not just any Jew: He’s dark, mysterious, unabashedly prurient and eternally hip. This is a troubling prospect. Not because of what it says about Cohen himself, but rather because of what’s been left in his wake. Which is nothing. My interest in Leonard Cohen’s music was rekindled by “I’m Your Man,” a documentary and concert film that further entrenches the poet and songwriter’s status as one of the coolest dudes around. After reacquainting myself with a body of work that includes darkly beautiful and richly evocative classics like “Hallelujah,” “Bird on a Wire,” “First We Take Manhattan” and “Famous Blue Raincoat,” I began to wonder where I could find some contemporary examples of Jew-man coolness. I didn’t know where to turn. Looking for poets, I found only pishers. Shmendriks abound, sex symbols are few and far between. Where have all the cool Jews gone?

Read on… (c/o Amy K.)

One thought on “Where have all the cool Jews gone?

  1. Latt I looked LC was a major pradcticioner of Buddhism. I’d rather find uncool Jews who are Jews.

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