And now a word from the Anti-Zionist front…in western Canada…

The Palestinian Canadian Student Society at the University of Calgary hosted a panel discussion between Anti-Zionist Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta International and paramedic Shane Dabrowski (who worked in Jenin this past year as a volunteer with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society).

Check out the apparent typo of “Toran” instead of “Torah” halfway through the page, starting with “Weiss explained that, according to the Toran…” Do these Anti-Zionist, Pro-Palestine Jews believe in some sort of morph between a Torah and a Koran?

2 thoughts on “And now a word from the Anti-Zionist front…in western Canada…

  1. neturei karta are such whacked out fundies. they should of asked that guy what he thought about a woman being on a bimah. people who take the torah too literally are a danger to themselves and others. the same people will likely tell you that god created archeological evidence of multiple authorship of the bible—or hell, dinosaur bones for that matter—merely as a test of our faith in torah. to people like him, the words in a 3,000 year old book are more important and real than immediate experience in the real world outside the beit midrash.
    i’m sure it’s convenient to use a guy like that to support your agenda, so long as you focus only on the one issue you need him for. but address some of the more sensitive issues like womens rights and see how quickly the love affair with the palestinian-favoring left fades.

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