And On The Eighth Day, G-d Created Metal!

Some of y’all might remember the fallout following the ill-advised addition of my sister “the Hareidi metalhead militant right-winger” to the Jewschool blogteam. Oy, the balagan that was! That age is long behind us, thankfully. However, for those that enjoyed her contributions, my sister’s back with her own blog now, and á’’ä, one which does not breach focus (specifically) on the issue of politics!
The site is called Metal Israel, and it’s the only Israel-based web ‘zine focusing exclusively on Israel’s burdgeoning heavy metal music scene in English. The site just launched yesterday (I’m still working the bugs out in the design and code, admittedly) but it’s already chockful of CD reviews and interviews with Israeli metal artists.
Drop in and give it a whirl at MetalIsrael.com.

2 thoughts on “And On The Eighth Day, G-d Created Metal!

  1. I fondly recall Salem. When Salem sent them their demo, Euronymous from Mayhem, replied saying that he wished all the Jews had perished in the Holocaust!

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