Shouldn't you have a clue about Jewish music before offering Jewish music awards?

So, tomorrow night the New York Jewish Music and Heritage Fest and Heeb Magazine will cosponsor something they are calling “1st Annual Jewish Music Awards”.
This is undeniably a good thing in theory. Given that there isn’t even a Grammy award for anything relating to “Jewish”, it is great that at least somewhere in the Jewish community someone is noticing Jewish music. But as I look at the nominees and categories, I can’t help but reflect that the awards also feature something else for which Heeb is notorious: clueless attitude.
This year has seen an explosure of interest in Jewish culture by people with delightfully bad attitude. I have written a short rant on these particular awards and why “clueless” and “attitude” don’t add up to “worth missing a Mikveh concert for” on Klezmershack.

2 thoughts on “Shouldn't you have a clue about Jewish music before offering Jewish music awards?

  1. We mentioned this a few weeks back and while it’s great to promote and support Jewish music, we couldn’t work out what the fuck is the point of putting in Rachel Stevens in Best Danceable.
    Yes, she is a British Jewish babe, but she does not do Jewish music and has never ever had any association with Jewish music.
    Where’s best jewish metal? Best Jewish orthodox rock?
    But still things like this help to raise awareness and hopefully then give people ideas on how to put on a better event.

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