Canada sponsors Palestinian Authority

I am definitely one of those who has a soft spot in my heart from Canada. My grandpa Velvel used to always tell my family they were going to move to Canada if a republican got into office. Man he hated those guys. Also ever since the Iraq war I try to keep up with the news reported form Canada’s perspective; it’s great to see how they report on world news, especially when the US is to blame. Now I have another reason to be down with Canada.
From cbc.ca:

At the UN’s historic 60th anniversary world summit Thursday, Prime Minister Paul Martin called for
nations to work together to fight terrorism.
“Terrorism is a global blight and it is one that all of us have got to work closely together to deal with,” Martin told a news conference.
Martin will address the general assembly Friday morning.
Martin also met with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was making his first appearance at the world body since this summer’s evacuation of Jewish settlers from Gaza and parts of the West Bank.
Martin announced Canada is donating $24.5 million to help the Palestinian Authority rebuild.

Thanks to my pal Outcast Spice for the tip.

10 thoughts on “Canada sponsors Palestinian Authority

  1. Hopefully Canada is keeping track of that money. They could learn how many RPGs and AK-47s $25 mil can buy.
    Or on a less sarcastic note, is there any accountability for the PA so that money doesn’t end up in Abu Mazen’s 401(k)?

  2. Anyone hear anything about any Arab states pitching in to fund Palestinian infrustructre? I’m running out of places to look.
    The proof that the Palestinian cause has never been anything more than a pretense for the wholesale rejectionism of Jewish national rights is in the absence of anything but military aid from the Arab establishment, and needs to be argued by any genuine liberal to our progressive fellow-travelers.

  3. Just what they need, a pocketful of looneys and tooneys to buy more crap with that will be used for nothing of value to anyone other than the 17 corrupt old men who hold the purse strings.

  4. PM Paul Martin has been a great, and growing friend of Israel’s. His tenure as PM has been maked by a significant shift towards Israel, including a change in Canada’s voting patern in the UN from against Israel to an Abstention (because Canada and Canadians believe in balanced and fair resolutions, and most UN resolutions about Israel are extremely one sided).
    Go Leafs Go!

  5. Well, I have found my first reason to be upset with Canada. I have always liked their humanistic approach to things, I guess its unfortunate that they are now helping Hamas, i mean the PA.
    I’d love for them to have to furnish reciepts on all their funding uses. Do you think arms dealers print recipts?
    This is all over the top – but Its sad but true. Gaza is going to become a training ground for terrorist. Is funding it the best way to fight it?

  6. “It is also worth noting the unbalanced extent to which liberals are held accountable for the anti-Zionism on the fringes of the left, while conservatives enjoy a perennial free pass regarding all traditional right wing flavors of antisemitism.
    In other words, all liberals must own their Chomskies and Finkelsteins while conservatives need not bother themselves with the Dana Roherbachers, Pat Buchanans, Paul Findleys, Robert Novaks…. I believe such a phenomenon says something in itself.”
    –Zionista, four days ago
    “… and needs to be argued by any genuine liberal to our progressive fellow-travelers.”
    –Zionista, today
    And now you know why. Give my best regards to your fellow-travelers.

  7. Speaking of giving money to people that you know will buy weapons with it, Matt Bowles writes:
    “This year, the U.S. Congress approved $2.76 billion in its annual aid package for Israel. The total amount of direct U.S. aid to Israel has been constant, at around $3 billion (usually 60% military and 40% economic) per year for the last quarter century. A new plan was recently implemented to phase out all economic aid and provide corresponding increases in military aid by 2008.”
    *March/April issue of Left Turn Magazine

  8. No, we still don’t know why, J. Please flesh out the reason why your reactionary rightwing fellow travellers (I’m thinking James Baker, Grover Norquist…, you know the crew), despite all the power they hold over American foreign policy and all the influence they have with the Arab establishment, can’t be bothered with the problem of their radical rejectionism, incitement, and demonization of Israel. TIA.

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