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And Sandra Fluke's boyfriend isinteresting why?

Gawker has discovered a variation on Godwin’s law: “As a Tea Party discussion grows longer, the probability of anti-semitism approaches one.”
Apparently Sandra Fluke’s dating a Jewish guy (Bill Mutterperl) is somehow relevant… to something?

“anyone familiar with Boston and New York political history knows about the wealthy Mutterperl family’s long tradition of supporting the typical Jewish variant of socialism.
I wonder if Adam has ever been to a kibbutz.”

As Gawker notes, “These are literally the same Tea Partiers who accused Occupy Wall Street of antisemitism.” -it’s in fact, the same guy: Brooks Bayne

As someone involved with Occupy Judaism and several other variants of Occupy in my native city, how much damn time did I have to spend talking to newspapers about how stupid the accusations of antisemitism were? And yet, people keep defending tea-partiers as misunderstood?

3 thoughts on “And Sandra Fluke's boyfriend isinteresting why?

  1. MJ Rosenberg just wrote about the radical right’s inclination to label anything they don’t like as Nazi or Anti-Semitism, even when its clearly not and even when its something done by Jews or Israelis (with whom they disagree). The latest was one of the Breitbart lackey’s Obama/Derrick Bell ‘revelation’ being taken apart by Soledad O’Brien, who was promptly labeled an anti-semite for doing so.
    Such empty and meaningless accusations of anti-Semitism devalue the word. Its verbal crying-wolf and are a tell-tale sign of intolerance and thinly veiled hatred on the part of the accuser.
    The real problem with this, other than it generally being false, cheap and totally infuriating, is that when actual anti-semitism happens now it just gets lost in the flood of false accusations and makes reasonable people think it either doesn’t really exist or that its all hogwash. Which might not be so bad if there weren’t such a terrible and very real record of actual violence, murder and genocide that historically accompanied it.
    By the way, these right-wing tea baggers flinging claims of anti-semitism around free candy are the same people making racist comments about the president and continuing to question his citizenship and putting these disgusting stickers up:

  2. I have noticed this trend to exist on both the far right and the far left. It is certainly unfortunate in all situations.

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