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And Then They Went After The Jews…

It had to happen. From the JTA:

Toyota crashes into N.Y. synagogue steps
February 9, 2010
(JTA) — An elderly man said his Toyota car’s accelerator stuck, causing him to crash into the steps of a New York synagogue.
Gerald Silver, 86, a D-Day veteran and Purple Heart recipient, was driving home with his wife, Rosalyn, when his 2009 Camry’s gas pedal jammed, causing him to lose control of the car.
Silver hit two parked cars and flew over some bushes before slamming into the steps of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens, according to reports. He nearly missed hitting a group of people, WPIX TV reported. The couple were [sic] treated for minor injuries.
Toyota has recalled millions of cars over sticky accelerator pedals.

(h/t to L.W.)

4 thoughts on “And Then They Went After The Jews…

  1. Doesn’t “he nearly missed hitting a group of people” mean that he did hit them? Why couldn’t the writer of the JTA article just use the simpler (and correct) “he nearly hit a group of people”.

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