Leave the Gefilte Fish, Take the Cannolis…

“There are many ways to have intelligent interfaith conversation, and they don’t always have to take place in a boardroom or office. Sometimes they’re with people you run into on the sidewalk and interact with for five minutes.” — Lilit Marcus

I don’t remember exactly when I actually met Lilit for the first time, though it could possibly have been at that very meetup nearly four (gah!) years ago, at a Kol Zimrah, or other random Jew-y stuff here in NYC. Always was impressed with her wit, her knowledge, her openness, and her writing. Always fun to snarkily break down a stupid argument or to get her clear-eyed insights, especially on faith, religion, spirituality, and a Jewish world she could see with fresh eyes, having not been drowned in NYC Jewyness her whole life. A blast to have a bourbon with as well.
In any case, the J-blogs just got a little less smart last week as Lilit, friend of the blog and former contributor here at Jewschool, parted ways with Jewcy. After helming it through its near-death experience and keeping it alive until it could join forces with our friends at JDub, she was recruited to start something new on the internets. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be smart and snappy. We wish her all the best!
Her last post as big cheese of Jewcy is here. Good luck finding a replacement, Jewcy, you have some awesome shoes to fill.

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