9 thoughts on “And They're Off

  1. I can understand making big pr out of a move from Russia or some other hostile country, even France, but why are they making a big pr stunt out of a move from a friendly country like America?

  2. Big difference between being greatful for the life and opportunity afforded to us by this great country, and the arguable worst executive government in its history.

  3. “and the arguable worst executive government in its history.”
    Certainly, if your political frame of reference extends no further back than 2001.

  4. Eventually, you’re all going to move to Israel, under good circumstances or bad, god forbid.
    Might as well do it now when you can decide for yourself.

  5. The reason it is a big deal is it is the largest single day total of olim to arrive from North America. That seems pretty impressive to me.

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