Jewish Activists Attend G8 Protests

The JTA reports,

Jewish participants in the huge rallies that preceded the G-8 summit hope their presence will highlight the Jewish community’s involvement in wider social issues.
“This is such an important statement for the Jewish community to make as a whole, liberal and Orthodox,” said marcher Anne Clark, from London’s Wimbledon Reform Synagogue. “Jewish values reach outside to the wider community, and we don’t just look after our own — as Jews we care what goes on in the wider world.”
When some 220,000 people created a human circle around Edinburgh over the weekend to support what they considered a fairer deal for the developing world, 100 or so members of the Make Poverty History Jewish coalition formed a link in the vast chain.
It was an especially satisfying achievement since Jewish delegates — who came from 21 Jewish religious, student and social welfare organizations — had been forced to seek creative solutions just to be able to attend the event.

Full story.

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