Jewish Comedy Sweeps German Film Awards

Deutsche Welle reports,

Breaking long-standing taboos, a comedy poking fun at Jewish life in Germany won the German Film Prize on Friday. The country’s equivalent of the Oscars was for the first time awarded by a 600-member academy.
The film “Alles auf Zucker” (Go for Zucker) won six “Lola” awards including best film, best director and best actor. The movie breaks new ground in German cinema by taking a light-hearted look at Jewish life in Germany. It chronicles the travails of a German-Jewish gambler played by actor Henry H?bchen.
“I just beat Hitler!” said H?bchen after winning the best actor award ahead of Bruno Ganz, who was nominated for an acclaimed performance as the Nazi dictator in the Oscar-nominated movie “Der Untergang” (Downfall).
“Alles auf Zucker” only cost just 1.5 million euros but has made three times that at the box office. The German Film Prize, sponsored by the German government, are worth a total 2.85 million euros ($3.6 million), making them among the most lucrative film awards worldwide.

Full story. (c/o Andy)

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