Ann Coulter: Jewish Drag Queen?

According to Strap-On Veterans For Truth,

The person known today as Ann Coulter was born Jeremy Levinsohn in the village in New York in 1960. His parents were typical latte-drinking liberals, religiously conservative, but socially and politically radical. His father taught Russian Literature at CUNY and his mother was a social worker. His childhood friend Rodger Mihalot described him, “The Levinsohns were nice people, but his father was distant, so Jeremy seemed to seek a strong male figure in his life. Although they were Jewish, he often hung out at our church, and really seemed to spend a lot of time with Fr. Donatella Nowunn. I also think he was really looking to rebel against his overly liberal parents. Otherwise he was a typical kid, he liked to play cowboy, sailor and gladiator a lot. His favorite movie was always The Sheik, he really seemed to have a fascination with Arabs, I don’t know why.”


As Pudenda Shenanigans, she was well known on the drag circuit in Key West. Whether she actually had a full sex change or not is a matter of debate, although her adam’s apple is still visible in photos, under the appropriate light. We who laughed, cried, worked and danced with her feel her story should be told. We are not out to punish her, but feel it’s time she owned up to what she really is.

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Speaking of queens, I got dragged to this horrendously awful drag club in Tel Aviv the other night, called Diva, under the impression that I’d get a “real” Israeli experience. Some such nonesense about seeing the furthest extremes. Turned out to be no more than a bachelorette club and my the “entertainment” was ghastly. I suppose it was funny to hear jokes about the sexual habits of Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Russians and foreign workers, the, ahem, ‘divas’ taking pot shots at the different segments of Israeli society represented in the audience that evening. Or I guess it would have been could I formulate a full sentence in Hebrew. Anyway, here are a few blurry photos from the experience.

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