Anyone watch The West Wing?

Tonight’s West Wing: “IN SEASON FINALE, GAZA SLAYINGS OF KEY U.S. OFFICIALS MIGHT DRAG FUMING PRESIDENT INTO UNENDING CYCLE OF VIOLENCE – In the season finale, events in the tinderbox Gaza Strip spin out of control after the murders of high-ranking U.S. officials and back home the angry President (Martin Sheen) weighs appropriate military action. “

Anybody watch?

7 thoughts on “Anyone watch The West Wing?

  1. Saw the first part last week. Taped this week’s but haven’t watched it yet.
    I thought the first part at least was well done and brutally honest — from the unemployed patrons in the Gaza cafe scene, to the scene of the interview with the reservist at the Erez checkpoint.
    And does anyone know whatever became of the investigations into that real convoy bombing of the American Fulbright scholarship interviewers? I assume the writers based their story loosely on that incident.

  2. Well, I just finished watching this episode. I have to admit, it’s only the second West Wing episode I’ve ever seen, but it was quite well done.
    The reflection of real life that this show was able to convey was stunning. Being able to say so much, yet no say anything at all, has been what the American government has been so good at in relation to Israel and the PA. Clinton was never able to say what it seemed he truly thought, and was trying to leave a legacy of the peacemaker. Bush hasn’t exactly been 100% supportive, but he hasn’t been totally spineless either.
    It’s a slippery slope as far as the world is concerned, while the issue is seemingly straightforward for both us and the PA. But then again, the contrived bullshit that the UN and Europe often preach is absolutely sickening. The participants in 9/11 were condemned by the world community and support for the US was felt around the world. These men were terrorists. The PA on the other hand are just an oppressed people using whatever weapons they have at their disposal.
    Greatest quote from this episode happened at 13:53. “These lunitics are willing to sacrifice themselves… their children. The only way to ensure the continued safety of this country is to respond in kind.”
    It’s unfortunate that this show isn’t as popular as Fear Factor or Survivor.

  3. And I hate to reply to my own post… but…
    It’s too bad that life doesn’t imitate art, cause The West Wing is Good for the Jews(TM).

  4. This maybe a strange question.
    In the first series of the West Wing episode 14, a man is convicted to death. Toby goes to see his rabby and in the background, a young woman sings a (jewish) song. Does anybody know what song this might be. I think it is beautifull and would like to have it.
    Ruben van Wijk
    [email protected]

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