Mazal Tov To Sakhnin

This is the first time an Arab-Israeli group wins the Israeli National Soccer cup. But not everybody is happy. Check out this mourning ad:

With great sorrow and deep anguish we inform you of that “Ichud Bnei Sakhnin” has won the Israeli National Soccer Cup. The fan club site will be darkened until tomorrow. From: the Betar Fan website, Betar fans, Israel, and the Jewish People.

I wish this was only a marginal minority in Israel.

11 thoughts on “Mazal Tov To Sakhnin

  1. i hope. the growing power of the extreme right seems to favor beitar “death to arabs” slogans than red hapoel 🙂

  2. the growing power of the extreme right
    Thought experiment: why is the “extreme right” growing? Is it because Israelis are stupid? Is there something else going on?
    Other than the evil mind control practiced by George “Devil” Bush and his coterie of 666 neocon Zionist pig-dogs, that is.

  3. Well here’s my humble opinion – the zionist right and left do not give good answers to the problems in israeli society. the demongraphic problem and terror especially. as a result, the extreme right wing is growing. the idea of transfer.

  4. you’ll be surprised on how much both radical right and left agree on. The only difference is that the radical left chose the path of democracy while the right… we all know. ethnic cleansing (and there is no arguing about that)

  5. “The only difference is that the radical left chose the path of democracy while the right..”
    The majority of voters in israel wanted another term of sharon. Isnt that democracy at work? The defnition of “democracy” is not “agreeing with asafs politics.”

  6. Try this neat-o experiment. Say ethnic cleansing 1000 times, over and over again. After a few minutes, the phrase will lose its meaning. Try it! It’s cool!!

  7. ok let me rephrase what i was saying. The radical right proposes transfer (hmmm… thats a better word than ethnic cleansing, isnt it?)- in this sense it is much more honest than meretz and co. not to mention labor and likud, and shinui and the list goes on and on. they face the problems that exist and offer extreme solutions. but what are they doing? simply saying out loud what we all will have to face in a few years.

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