Armchair Yeshiva

I love technology. Now you don’t even need to get off your kiester to do some learning; the Virtual Beit Midrash at Yeshivat Har Etzion begins its new semester next week. I don’t know a lot about these folks, but a friend has studied with them for years and is very enthusiastic about the program. The first year is free, and after that I think you’re encouraged (but not even required) to donate $18. They’ve got classes in parshanut, Talmud, halakha, hassidut, philosophy and the like.
Curriculum for 5766 is here, and subscription info is here.
For folks who want something structured like a graduate-level class, (and/or something for which I think you can get credit), JTS also has a distance learning program, info here.

3 thoughts on “Armchair Yeshiva

  1. that web site is awsome, you can read shiurim online and it realy helped me last year with my term paper! check it out!

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