8 thoughts on “As I type, we're rioting in Boro Park

  1. :sigh:
    How nice it’d be to go a week and not be embarassed. How nice to know that senseless and damaging rioting isn’t confined to France and the middle east.

  2. um, i say riot against police brutality allllllllllll day long. don’t riot against stupid racist cartoons, because then the racists win.

  3. im glad someone said it besides me.
    why on earth would you be embarassed about people taking action against police brutality?! i wish we had more people doing that all the time out here, maybe then they wouldn’t get away with everything they do.

  4. seriously, why you hating on these dudes Monk?
    The police can’t just go roughing up people for no good reason.
    I applaud these dudes.

  5. The guy is like 75 years old – he didn’t hear the sirens or see the lights… so he didn’t pull over right away…. so they slammed him against the car… didn’t give him a chance…
    I don’t blame them for being upset… but they probably shouldn’t be making a Chillul Hashem…

  6. Chillul hashem? Hardly.
    What’s the image being portrayed here?
    That Jews don’t stay silent in the face of injustice.
    This isn’t Russia. We don’t have to take this stuff anymore, and we shouldn’t.
    If only people would get riled up like this every time they saw any injustice.

    Who’s hating?
    I’m f*cking geeked.
    civil disobedience is a primary mitzvah in my eyes.
    I’m glad they did it.

  8. This is ALL assuming that there actually WAS police brutality.
    From the varying sources, I’m not neccisarily convinced there was.
    If there was brutality – yeah, a response is called for. But burning police cars and throwing rocks? No, that’s not appropriate. I know how hip it is to be destructive, but I think the catagorical imperitive is vital here – this isn’t the way its done, it can’t be the way we let it be done.

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