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  1. for the first seder i went to some israelis house…they are sephardic. its seems that it is not just that they are allowed to eat rice, but insist on doing it. like it is always part of their meal.
    why can’t ashkenazis not eat it anyway.

  2. Sephardi “matzah,” from what I’m told, is practically pita bread.
    Actually, it’s us Ashkenazim who are wierd and only eat crackers on Pesach.

  3. I used to turn Sephardic every Pesach, because I’m a really poor cook, and one of the only things I can cook is a Chinese dish called gai ding (chicken with rice), and so that was what I served my friends at second seder every year. Now, I live with somebody who can cook, so I’ve become Ashkenazi again…

  4. Sephardim, like myslef, eat rice because (I believe, but could be wrong) Rabbi Joseph Carro who was a leader of Sephardic Jewry said that a certain ingredient called ‘kitinyot’ is ok on Passover. Ashkenazi did not agree so they don’t eat anything with ‘kitinyot’ in it (rice, some tofu, often things like chic peas etc)But the matza I eat is cracker like.

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