Assimilating Arabia

John Rose writes in The Guardian:

Does the religious and historical attachment of so many Jews to the “land of Israel” justify the Zionist project? The idea of a Jewish homeland continues to pose two problems. The first is the denial of Palestinian rights, especially the rights of the dispossessed refugees, who see an Israel built on their homeland. And the second is what “homeland” means for the Jewish majority that lives outside Israel.
There is an interesting and unexplored link between these two problems. Resolving the second can contribute to resolving the first. But that means Jews in the west renouncing our automatic right to be potential citizens of Israel.

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It’s an interesting piece but ultimately incomplete and ingorant of the issues posed by Islamic nationalism in the modern era. Even if Israel abandoned the assertion of its Jewish ethnic identity and offered Palestinians a right of return, does Rose really believe that the Arab world would just forget about the last 60 years and let things go?

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