13 thoughts on “Arab Boy Wins Israeli School Quiz on Zionism

  1. This is another indication of the sad state of Israeli education, though,
    I wonder if in the rest of the world the situation of is any different with regard to the importance of learning history.

  2. ck: What is so cool about this story? Why is he your hero?
    Also read carefully because the title of the article is misleading… typical of Reuters. The child is an Israeli Arab who attends Israeli state schools and his partner was a Jewish student.

  3. JC? Is that for like Jesus Christ? That’s funny, cuz ya know what ck stands for? Heh.
    So you ask why little Rami is my hero? If you really care you may read this story on my little blog. That’ll explain everything.

  4. CK: Christ Killer? As for me JC, its just my initials ;). Interesting point in your blog about us Jews not being Jewish…. Unfortunately there is a lot of intermarriage and dilution of our religion going across the world these days. With “new sects” of Judiasm springing up ie. conservatives, reforms, conservadox, reconstructionist etc people are really distancing themselves from “the light.”

  5. It’s a sign, all right. A sign that Jews aren’t learning their own history. It’s commendable that the Arabic boy actually cares enough, but Jews should be the ones who know their own history the best!

  6. Only later do they mention his Jewish partner, and besides how large was this competition, national? city-wide? or just within the school

  7. I do not understand why you guys are so excited about this, the story I’m getting is that An Israeli/Arab studies jewish stuff…and he and his jewish partner beat everyone else. Wow, magical, a jew and a jew studier beats other jews and jew studiers.

  8. Irina wrote: “It’s commendable that the Arabic boy actually cares enough..
    Did you ever wonder why the kid knows the history of Zionism so well?
    Do you think it’s because he admires it, or could it be another reason
    After all, Rami is quoted as saying:
    “We are from an Arab school where we are not taught about Zionism, but as soon as I saw the booklet to prepare for the subject, I took to it immediately”
    DiGiTaL wrote: “…how large was this competition, national? city-wide? or just within the school”
    It probably was at least multi-school, if not nation-wide since Rami is from Jaffa and claims he goes to an Arab school and yet the quiz was sponsored by the city of Tel Aviv

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