Right-wing Extremists Plant Fake Bombs In Jerusalem

Haaretz reports,

Police arrested two far-right activists late Wednesday suspected of planting two fake bombs in Jerusalem. One fake bomb was placed in Davidka Square on Jaffa Street and the second adjacent to the Great Synagogue.
Police suspect the two far-right activists were behind the planting of two additional fake bombs in the Mahane Yehuda market and at the entrance to the city last month. Authorities believe the extreme right is attempting to exhaust police forces as part of their protest against the disengagement plan.

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9 thoughts on “Right-wing Extremists Plant Fake Bombs In Jerusalem

  1. On one hand, this seems like a harmless incident of ‘civil disobedience’, but then again, the alleged activists aren’t wearing out the police, rather a limited number of bomb squad sappers that need to keep nerves of steel.

  2. josh, if it had been palestinians who had planted fake bombs, would you extend the same forgiveness?
    “a harmless incident of civil disobedience,” huh?
    a bomb, fake or not, serves one purpose: to instill terror. and there’s nothing civil about terrorism.

  3. But the PLO Arabs are NOT planting fake bombs. Their bombs are very real. Yet you are extending them much forgiveness.
    BTW, I don’t condone the actions of these activists, and agree with your comments on instilling terror.

  4. Yes Moby, Dave has a point. How do explain your condoning or “understanding” of real bombers but not of fake bombers.

  5. The BOMBERS are as fake as the bombs!
    See previous thread about the media buildup orchestrated to discredit the settler movement – there is already a documented case of a Shabaknik trying to entrap the Yesha Council by offering to sell them weapons. They smelled a rat and took it public – and surprise, the Shabak clamped a gag order on the whole incident.
    Religious youth sympathetic to the settlers make up 1/3 to 1/2 of the officers corps of the Israeli army. With up to 20 percent of secular Israeli youth dodging the draft, the highly motivated and patriotic religious are also represented in combat units way beyond their numbers.
    If they need to get their hands on explosives, they know how to do it. And they know well enough to wait until the pullout in July.
    This is an obvious set-up.

  6. Mob,
    you obvisouly haven’t been in Israel long enough. A publicized localized alert/hatra’a on a suicide bomber on his way to blow up Jews will instill terror, and that’s why the police try not to inform the public each time they get a hot tip. On the other hand, a ‘hafetz hashoud’ or suspicious package is a way of life in Israel that you accept when you’re still in the baby carriage. Call the police if you find it, or wait behind the cordon for the sapper to get the job done, or continue to pass by because 99.99% of the time, you know that the modus operandi of ‘our time’ is not to just leave bombs in public places where they are usually isolated by an innately vigilant public.
    Ever get stuck in a traffic jam here. If it’s traffic, or right-wing settlers blocking the road – you might get pissed off. But if you hear that it’s a hafetz hashoud, you’ll turn off the engine or turn up the air conditioner and wait patiently.

  7. 1: a bomb, fake or not, serves one purpose: to instill terror. and there’s nothing civil about terrorism.
    2: Yes Moby, Dave has a point. How do explain your condoning or “understanding” of real bombers but not of fake bombers.
    Joe Schmo
    M clearly said the pernicious, non-physical damage of a bomb scare is the same regardless of medical and property reports, and idiots see an apology for murder. It’s not an apology for murder: it’s a condemnation of something you are closer than anyone to condoning with your sticky distinctions.

  8. dear shitheads:
    understanding why palestinians commit terror attacks does not mean that i condone their attacks. i condemn them and have been mighty fucking consistent about that. once again, your contempt for me without knowing me, what i’m about, etc., is getting in the way of your ability to think rationally.
    i also know what’s motivating the israeli right to stage these faux bombings. that doesn’t mean i agree with it. i simply means i know what’s behind it.
    terror in any form is A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

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