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When walk-outs won't work

What is escalation, if not the recognition of life-threatening crisis and the seeking of means to confront it? When we don’t escalate, we recognize the inverse: our White, Jewish lives don’t depend on confronting Trump’s murderous racism.

The Teshuva of Sanders

When my parents sat me and my sister down for a family meeting, sometime in the back half of the year 2000, I can’t remember what I was expecting. Dying grandparent? Divorce? I don’t think that my father losing his…

Nu, let’s get to work

I’ll gladly leave the problematic power dynamics and historical inaccuracies of Leida Snow’s piece in the Forward to the very able responses already published. I just want to ask about one thing. When Ms. Snow writes that “the American legacy…

Moses was a murderer.

Max Socol is an organizer and educator in North Carolina. This post is the fifth in Jewschool’s series of reflections on Judaism, Jewish identity, race and the events in Ferguson. Moses was a murderer. How infrequently we speak of him…

Daniel Sieradski