Bad Jewish Music Around The Clock!

The Forward reports,

B’nai B’rith International, a 161-year-old nonprofit organization and charity, is hardly known as a hip haven through which the new generation can connect to Jewish culture. That could change, however, if the organization makes the desired impact with its new 24/7, Internet-based Jewish-music radio station, www.bnaibrithradio.org.

Launched this fall, and boasting a play list of genres covering everything from klezmer, Yiddish and cantorial music to Israeli pop and hip hop, B’nai B’rith Radio is seeking, in the words of the organization’s executive vice president, Daniel Mariaschin, “to show that we are relevant and that we are speaking to the younger generations.”

Yeah, okay. Tune in and tell me how hip this station is.

5 thoughts on “Bad Jewish Music Around The Clock!

  1. I have listen to it on occasion. I have it to be tolerable in very short doses. Anything longer becomes very annoying.
    One of the problems I is that they seem to have absolutely no concept of transition with in a single block.

  2. he radio sucks..lol sry b’nai…www.radi-yo.com now thats a good radio station for hip israeli music!
    zeev • 12/27/04 08:12am
    Haha, hip israeli music. That’s techno…and um…techno and…?

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