Single Jewish Skullcap seeks Bar Mitzvah Boy

J. Weekly shares the heartwarming tale (headwarming?) of a 23 year-old Bar Mitzvah kippah sold on eBay UK. The Scottish purchaser of the blue velvet yarmulke contacted the original Bar Mitzvah boy, 46 year-old Jonathan Charles Levine originally of Castro Valley, CA.

“The whole affair leaves more questions than answers,” Levine said, “some of them quite unsettling to the ego of the middle-aged bar mitzvah boy: How did the item make its way to the United Kingdom? Why did the agent of its transport deem it of such little value that it should be sold unceremoniously in this global flea market, together with the other flotsam of industrial capitalism? And most unsettling: Why did it only fetch the insulting price of 2.99 pounds sterling, which the seller had set as the minimum bid for the item?”

The jury is still out on whether the Bar Mitzvah boy has also located his cracking voice and braces.

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