Get Yer Rambam On

“You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes.” — Rambam
In 10 days (New Year’s Day, aka Sylvester, or the 20th of Tevet to be exact), the Jewish world will commemorate the 800th anniversary of our greatest Rabbinic sage’s death, Moshe ben Maimon, also known as the Rambam. While many events are being held here in Israel to celebrate the life and contributions of the 12th centruy physician and Biblical scholar, one which we can all be a part of, no matter where we are (thanks to the magic of the Interweb), is the Jewish National & University Library’s new exhibition “Writings of Maimonides: Manuscripts and Early Prints,” which offers, in digitized format, page after page of original manuscripts dating to the great Rav’s own era. Amongst the collection you’ll find an incredibly beautiful illuminated copy of the Misneh Torah, letters penned by the man himself, as well as early printed editions of his work. Give it a looksee, and give it up for the most highly revered Torah scholar who ever was. May his memory be blessed.

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