Bais Yaakov Rebbe Popped For Embezzlement

“A high-powered Brooklyn rabbi, who’s poured thousands of dollars into politicians’ campaign coffers, was busted yesterday on charges of stealing $700,000 in federal funds meant to help a school for Jewish children.

“Milton Balkany, the longtime dean of girls school Bais Yaakov of Brooklyn, used the cash to pay off his credit cards, bankroll family-connected companies and reward other rabbis and Jewish organizations, the feds charge.” (c/o grubness)

Being one of the most well connected Heebs in Brooklyn, a political broker and so-called “king maker,” some suspect this may be some sort of political coup.

3 thoughts on “Bais Yaakov Rebbe Popped For Embezzlement

  1. What a chillul hashe. Does it never cease? How much is enough? I am assuming he’s guilty. Why else would the Feds charge him? There’s probably a paper trail a mile long. Why? Why? Why? Shoots our political credibility to zero.

  2. hey yidel,
    for shame!!what happenned to “dan adam lkaf zchus”?how dare you assume guilt?What about the gemora in brochos,”tzaddik vra lo-rosho vtov lo”?yidel,examine your own deeds-for your views are against the halachah.

  3. I know the man. He is the son-in-law of a very wealthy businessman and believe me 700G is not a big sum in that family. He must be innocent, as he has all the money he needs and why would he bankrupt the education reputation he’s built up over 35 years?

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