That's awful, eating run over Muppet!

O: Why do you think there are so many Jews in comedy?
MIB: Because big noses are funny.
DW: Also, a lot of Jews have sort of thin, spindly fingers they use to take money out of cash registers. That’s very funny.
MS: If you prick them, do they not bleed?
Stella in The Onion

If you were a fan of The State, MTV’s classic sketch comedy show, you’ll love Stella, the new comedy troupe composed of the leftover members of The State that aren’t, incidentally, on Reno 911.
The group, which features Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black (aka Michael Ian Schwartz “which I changed because I’m ashamed of being Jewish”), and David Wain, also recently appeared in the film Wet Hot American Summer, which only two years after its initial release, enjoys a major cult status.
That being said, the film will be screening at midnight this Friday and Saturday at the AMC on 42nd Street, with appearances by the cast & crew, live performances by Peter Salett & Mr. Blue, and even a character-costume contest. Get your tickets quick!
Also be sure to check out their interview in The Onion last month. It’s a riot.

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