Baker Or Bush?

Israpundit serves up the following piece from Emanuel Winston:

James Baker II is well known for his vulgar slur and advisory to President George Herbert Walker Bush: “F… the Jews! They didn’t vote for us anyway.” Well, that hostile, bigoted advice seems to have been adopted both by the Father in his time and the son now.

During the time of the Germans and the European savagery against the Jews, they weren’t quite that vulgar in their words but, in their actions – in the end – they massacred 6 million Jews or, to say it in Baker’s vulgar terminology: “They F…ked the Jews out of their lives.”

Now the Bush Administration, backed by advisors like James Baker, both in person and in principle, has adopted the Baker Policy with respect to Israel. It was recently exposed that the “Road Map” concept came out of James Baker’s Institute for Public Policy at Rice University and more recently a paper detailing the Baker “Road Map” written at the Rice Institute was handed to Condoleezza Rice before she left for Israel.

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5 thoughts on “Baker Or Bush?

  1. funny how the notoriously left wing and liberal group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) strongly supports the road map. Have another shot of kool-aid Mr. Israpundit, this one’s on the house.

  2. Um, who says AIPAC is “notoriously left wing and liberal”. Compared to what? Please explain how AIPAC is liberal, and what the conservative alternative would be.

  3. EMTZ Alex, It seems to me that mainstream Jewish organizations in the States are allied with Israel’s bolshevik establishment. The only conservative one I can think of is the ZOA. However, there are many small “Friends of…” groups that support the conservative Israeli public.

  4. My former colleagues have long had a split vision–that is why I left and have opened a new site at http://IsraelPundit.blogspot.com
    They adore Bush. They hate the Roadmap…They badmouth the Democrats and Kerry and approve of Bush and the Right–yet they dislike what Bush plans for a two-state solution.
    A simple test: anyone addressing issues about Israel ought to come out in a forthright manner and state one way or the other whether or not they favor a two-state solution, with the Palestinians having a state as is in the planning stages by the RoadMap…

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