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Baruch Marzel: Bird Flu Outbreak 'Punishment from God'

ynet reports,

The bird flu outbreak in southern Israel is God’s punishment for the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank disengagement, National Jewish Front Chairman Baruch Marzel says.
“You were punished by God and now you’ll have to ask for the forgiveness of Gush Katif residents,” Marzel wrote in a letter to southern residents whose communities were affected by bird flu.
[…] “The kibbutz was used to house the expulsion headquarters because of greed, and therefore the bird flu outbreak happened there of all places,” the far right leader wrote in his letter to Ein HaShlosha kibbutz.

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12 thoughts on “Baruch Marzel: Bird Flu Outbreak 'Punishment from God'

  1. Actually, simply no one else to vote for. Actually, maybe Olmert? no, no, uh…Peretz? Nah. Beillin? D’oh. Stay home and slap yourself silly?
    It’s really too bad. A poll shows that only 44% of eligible Israeli youth are planning on voting. Total disgust with politicians.

  2. In a country where a major Rabbi (Ovadya Yosef) concludes Kathrina was visited upon the US for their support of the Gaza-withrawal , Marzel pipsqueaks are of little surprise and no significance. But the notion itself – G-d punishing humanity in general, and Jews in particular, for behavioral hiccups is not new and a worthy subject for contemplation in religious philosophy. (Here -in the Far-East – it is called Karma, but that is beside the point).
    An interesting consideration of the subject here:

  3. i’m inclined to agree with a Lubavitcher drash i heard once, that we shouldn’t be so arrogant as to say what’s a punishment and what’s a reward from Hashem, b/c we can’t see the metaphorical “big picture” so we don’t know which is really which, considering all things, so we should just thank Hashem for everything he gives, b/c what might seem like a blessing may be a curse, and vice versa.
    So I’m tired of peeps saying stuff like this.

  4. aparently the mekubal david batzri has found the reason for the outbreak of bird flu in israel! he claims that it is because of left wing
    parties promotion of gay rights. he also claims that if these parties do not cease their support humans may be affected from the bird flu.
    i love seing people making total asses out of themselves! mekubal shmekubal i think this person should have no title whatsoever! here is the article for hebrew readers.

  5. eytan, your such a big poster.
    I dare you toactually meet a real mekubal before shooting your mouth off. You’d probably pee in your pants.

  6. thank you for humoring me josh, why do you assume i would pee in my pants if i met a mekubal? should i fear them?
    all i was saying is that this kind of stupid remark should not come from a person who has many followers, and it does not matter if he is a mekubal,rav,or priest!

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