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Neo-Nazi Prisoners Pose As Jews For Special Treatment

Seattle Weekly reports,

Jewish chaplain Gary Friedman wasn’t surprised when he learned that incarcerated neo-Nazi gang members were claiming to be Jews at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center on the Olympic Peninsula. In fact, the chairman of the Seattle-based Jewish Prisoner Services International had been expecting the news. Nationwide, “There is this amazing phenomenon of non-Jews claiming to be Jewish,” says Friedman.

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2 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi Prisoners Pose As Jews For Special Treatment

  1. åÀøÇáÌÄéí îÅòÇîÌÅé äÈàÈøÆõ îÄúÀéÇäÂãÄéí ëÌÄé ðÈôÇì ôÌÇçÇã äÇéÌÀäåÌãÄéí òÂìÅéäÆí

  2. While it is perfectly appropriate to keep the violent ones from attending shul, I am not comfortable with the state deciding what qualifies as religion.

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