Bend the Arc on Trump's Islamophobia

In the above clip, Bend the Arc head Stosh Cotler appears on MSNBC to discuss hate speech and Islamophobia in America’s political arena alongside Linda Sarsour and Rev. Serene Jones. Bend the Arc responds to Republican presidential contender Donald Trump’s increasingly boisterous extremism against Muslims and other immigrants.
Bend the Arc has taken increasingly to the airwaves to decry hatred and bigotry towards Muslims in political speech. Earlier this year, Bend the Arc ran a TV ad in early primary states comparing objection between today’s Syrian refugees and previous waves of Jewish immigrants. Last week, Cotler took their rhetoric up a notch:

“Donald Trump entered this campaign as a reality TV joke but is now running as a dangerous extremist.
“This hateful rhetoric is unacceptable and all Americans of conscience should denounce it unequivocally. As American Jews, we know all too well what can happen when people are barred entry to a country because of their religion. Informed by our history and strengthened by our values, including a commitment to religious freedom, we will continue to hold figures like Mr. Trump accountable for their hateful rhetoric.”

Watch the full clip above and visit their site for more information.

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