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Bibi drops Game of Thrones reference, memes abound

The internet reactions to Netanyahu’s speech, especially his dropping of a Game of Thrones reference, have been swift and prolific. Here are the parodies winning the internet.
Noy Alooshe, Israel’s preeminent dance video mashup artist, summed up Bibi’s speech with this hilarious collection of footage from the speech, settler leader Naftali Bennett’s own TV campaign ads, and some cameos by Obama and Biden. (And the song also dreadfully catchy.)

But the biggest meme is undoubtedly the Prime Minister’s “Game of Thrones” reference, “In this deadly Game of Thrones, there’s no place for America or for Israel, no peace for Christians, Jews or Muslims who don’t share the Islamist medieval creed, no rights for women, no freedom for anyone.” And the internet snark-sharks of course couldn’t let that one go unremarked:

And Rube Silverhill reports a slightly dubious scoop about the alleged origins of Bibi’s Game of Thrones fandom: Mossad stole Khaled Mashaal’s login for HBO GO:

“It’s getting really annoying,” one aide said. “It started off innocent, addressing women in the office as ‘My Lady,’ but it’s getting worse. He insists his daily briefings should be renamed ‘Small Council Meetings’ and is adamant that meeting minutes are taken in both Hebrew and High Valyrian. The other day, I heard him on the phone with President Obama offering assurances that ‘A Netanyahu always pays his debts.’”

The Madness of King Bibi, courtesy of Sixty One actually, Israelis have already been pillorying their Prime Minister with the nickname “King Bibi” for quite some time. It’s found expression twice on Hebrew-language elections blog Sixty-One twice in recent memory.
But it was Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston who took that analogy to it’s fullest expression in a full-length metaphor about Netanyahu’s political straits nearly 10 months ago. Just a snippet:

In the ninth year of his reign, the failure of negotiations with a captive people to the immediate East, coupled with the growth of colonies in their midst, temporarily calms disputes with ascendant nobles, who have threatened to undermine the prime minister’s power over the decaying House Likud.

So in short, Bradley, you win the internet.

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