Big-up to BrookLINE!

From the Boston Herald:

Take one part Brookline gangsta, a pinch of Paris and a whole lot of Torah. Mix in a snare drum and lace it with a heavy bass line and you get Niz.
Nathan Isaac Zand – who goes by the moniker Niz – is a Brookline-bred hasidic Jew who puts his faith to a beat and knows how to tear up a stage.
Zand, 25, said when he started rapping as a Jewish teenage hooligan, he never dreamt his basement hobby would attract record companies and earn accolades from his beatboxing inspiration, Matisyahu.

Ha ha – “Brookline gangsta.” Yehudit Bracha and I saw Niz make a guest appearance at a Boston Matisyahu gig back during Chanukah. He seemed talented enough, and I must say – it’s nice to have some Beantown representation in the Jewish hip hop scene.
Full Story.
Niz’s MySpace

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