• For those who missed it, the Jerusalem Taliban threw another hissy-fit, this time staging a riot after police prevented them from attacking shops selling chametz over Pesach.
  • Got lots of left over matzah? Make tiramatzah.
  • I’d create my own video response to the RJC’s ridiculous attack ad that smears Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Syria, but it already exists. It’s called Fahrenheit 9/11, and it shows you who the real terrorist-huggers are.
  • “Syrian-American negotiator Ibrahim Suleiman said Thursday that Damascus is prepared to begin peace talks with Israel, adding that he believed an initial agreement could be reached within six months.”
  • An Israeli soldier was caught on video using a Palestinian teenager as a human shield, despite the practice having been deemed illegal by Israeli Supreme Court.
  • Avraham Hirschon, Israeli Finance Minister and co-founder of March of the Living, the annual Jewish pilgrimage from Auschwitz to Israel, will not be attending the march this year, as he is currently under investigation for embezzlement.
  • Schusterman funding breathes new life into BBYO.
  • Sholom Auslander is currently my literary hero. Check out the glossary he composed for the German edition of his bestselling novel, Beware of God.
  • On Tuesday a group of Holocaust survivors reamed the Knesset for withholding financial assistance for medical treatment. According to a report from the Holocaust Survivors’ Welfare Fund issued this week, “some 80,000 of the 260,000 survivors in the country live under the poverty line.” Nearly 7,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel are presently seeking psychiatric counseling. Haaretz says “survivors should not be viewed like any other lobbying group seeking to gain a larger piece of the budgetary pie. […] in this special case, it is appropriate to adopt a historic approach and disregard the normal conduct of the treasury. This is not a matter on which to be thrifty.”

One thought on “Mishegaas

  1. “Schusterman funding breathes new life into BBYO.”
    Well, we need alternatives to NCSY — that’s for damn sure.

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