Bikers Plan “Guilt Trip”

BusinessWire reports,

In honor of Mother’s Day, South Florida’s Jewish Motorcycle Riding Club, King David Bikers (KDB), will leave the Rascal House in Boca Raton this Sunday at 11:30 AM for their ride they are calling “The Guilt Trip.”

“What better way to show mom you love her than by showing her you’ve broken her grip and your years of therapy have paid off?” says KDB President, Jeff Mustard.

Cute idea. I just think it’s kind of retarded for a motorcycle gang to have a press agent. I mean, ooooh, scary! What’re you gonna do if you get into fisticuffs with a rival gang? Call your lawyers? Whaddaya, keep your brass knuckles next to your Palm Pilots? (c/o Shappy)

4 thoughts on “Bikers Plan “Guilt Trip”

  1. I guess being based in Boca Raton sums them up really and please, do not eat at the Rascal House one of my worst experiences.

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