Billy Joel Confronts Kommisar’s Kids

When Billy Joel met descendants of the man who pushed his Jewish grandfather out of business in Nazi Germany, he took pains to remember that the sins of the father were not the sins of the children.

“I only expected understanding on their part that something very bad happened because of their grandfather,” Joel said yesterday, recalling the frosty Vienna meeting that is the basis for “The Joel Files,” a 2001 documentary having its American TV premiere at 10 o’clock tonight on WNET/13.

Karl Amson Joel, Billy’s late grandfather, ran a successful mail-order operation in pre-war Germany, but was forced into exile by Josef Neckermann, who took over the business under the Third Reich’s Nuremberg laws.

Full story. More info about the documentary here.

7 thoughts on “Billy Joel Confronts Kommisar’s Kids

  1. Or is that the “We just ate babies for breakfast, would you like some bloody tea Mr. Joel?” smile?

  2. Random anti-German (or in this case Austrian) remarks aside, this kind of reminds me of Eine Liebe in Deutscheland, which is about German woman who has an affair with a Polish POW, and when they’re found out she is sent to a concentration camp and he is hanged, and 40 years later the woman’s son returns to the village to try to find out exactly what happened. Very moving.
    Anyway, this sort of thing is pretty emotional for me. I think these days we should realize that even in Germany there were plenty of people who wanted to do something about the crimes of the regime but were terribly afraid of the Gestapo, and for good reason, since if they got caught they could be executed for “Gross slander against the fuhrer” among other things.

  3. ya fuck the jews. Glad they took over that jew should of not been in Germany it is not his native land and he holds no rights to it. so fuckem! If he had been forced out of business in israel maybe i would be concerned but he was a foreign entity in germany and has absolutely no right to conduct business in germany. Hell try immigrating to israel and be non jewish, they’ll send you back on the boat you came from in an instant. so fuck those hypocrital jews they suck and i hope and prey for another holocaust. I would make a lamp out of billy joels head.

  4. That Billy Joel lamp cpmment was damn funny. In any case, I couldnt agree more. The Jews today live by such an incredible double standard it is difficult to feel any sympathy for them. They own and run every single media outlet in the USA. movies, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Cable, everything…….all of it is owned and operated by the jews. Hell, try to see a single movie today without a jew in it. It cant be done, they monopolize the media and when you are the owner/operator you can spew whatever trash you want the American Public to swallow. Oh yeah, that includes the news………which correlates to politics, which means they run everything. Billy Joel is OK, Barb Streisand is OK, but neither is that terrific, but when their Jewish propaganda media is behind them and shoveling it down the throats of the rest of us, all of a sudden those two musicians are the greatest ever, funny how that works. Make a lamp out of him.

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