Bird Flu Hits Israel

The AFP reports,

Israel confirmed the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain had been found in thousands of poultry, as five people were admitted to hospital and the authorities moved to cull multiple flocks of fowl.
Battling the country’s first outbreak of bird flu, the authorities ordered poultry in a quarantined area in the southern Negev desert to be exterminated.
Moshe Haimovitch, director of veterinary services at the agriculture ministry, told reporters the deadly strain of the virus had been found in the kibbutzim of Ein Hashlosha and Holit, not far from the Gaza Strip.
Around 11,000 turkeys at the two farms have died in Israel’s first outbreak of bird flu since the virus swept Europe, central Asia and the Middle East.

If anyone wonders why I’ll be wearing a face mask and rubber gloves from now on… Now you know.

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