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Fringes on the fringe of the diaspora

Hey, our ‘lil Frisco minyan is officially hip. Aw yeah. Now ya’ll better come out for Shabbos tomorrow!

It’s an early Friday evening in San Francisco’s Mission District. The restaurants are filling up with their first sitting of the night, and the bars are still offering happy-hour drink specials.
But amidst the watering holes, chi-chi establishments and taquerias, tucked away in a Mission District landmark, is something most synagogues would kill for: some 150 young adult Jews.

Minyan in the Mission: Behind the cool facade of the hip is the holy

One thought on “Fringes on the fringe of the diaspora

  1. Yasher koach on the article and on starting something so successful! Are you guys in touch with the new independent minyanim in other cities? I want to invite the Mission Minyan crew to the NHC (National Havurah Committee) Summer Institute this August, a gathering of grassroots Jewish communities. People in their 20s to mid-30s can apply for Everett Fellowships and go for mad cheap (under $18 a day). We’d love to see more West Coast representation, and to hear your perspectives on starting an independent community in a major city that appears from the article not to have had anything like it before, and I think you guys would have a great time there.

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