Bitter Brits, Round II

JPost reports,

In a survey sponsored by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, visitors to Israel rank their experience to the country a 4.2 out of 5. 80 percent describe their stay as “very good” or “excellent”.

Just as I said, out of all the people who ranked Israel in The Telegraph‘s recent survey, it’s unlikely many (if any) have ever been here before.

4 thoughts on “Bitter Brits, Round II

  1. but i wonder what the demographics of tourists in israel is. are most jews, who come with a positive preconception of the country?

  2. And, realistically, the Ministry of Tourism is never going to put out a poll that is critical of Isreal from a tourist pov. Am not saying anything bad about Israel, mind you. I’ve never been, but will some day soon, for sure. I hear nothing but raves from fellow travelers… social disorder notwithstanding…

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