Bitter Brits, Round III

Oh, ho, ho chap! I say! How ironic! Cheers!
Would that—oh, why yes, it would be the Prince of England, wearing a Nazi uniform at a costume ball. How delightfully tasteful and apropos of the UK’s charming feelings towards the Jewish state! Let the outrage begin.
[Update] Satire site The Board of Guardians of British Jews explains Harry’s actual intentions: He was allegedly auditioning for The Producers. Oh posh.

25 thoughts on “Bitter Brits, Round III

  1. He apologized…
    I hate it when well known folks apologize for stunts they know are going to get them everything they’re hoping for. I’d rather them say: “That’s right…I did it, so piss off”.
    That I can respect.

  2. It really depends on who it is. If the Governator or Gibson for that matter would pull such a stunt that would be unforgiveable and telling, but without having a record, or history – he is probably a stupid kid. Now he has a record, if he does something stupid in the future . . .

  3. As a non bitter Brit (thank you very much!) I do wonder if Harry has an adviser – if he does he should be hung!
    Great tabloid fodder and he must surely have known which means he is a natural hell raiser or extremely insensitive – or maybe he did it to piss of all the Jews in the world? Who knows?
    I say he’s a prat and doing it in the run up to holocaust memorial day is plain stupid and rude.
    But then I blame my country not yours for creating the mess you are in.
    Have a nice day everyone I have to study x

  4. But what would have been the media reaction had he dressed as an Israeli soldier or member of the IDF???
    Anyway… the guy is a schmuck but atleast he gives people something to write about.

  5. Several of the media reports are headed (I paraphrase) ‘Jewish Groups Outraged By Nazi Prince’. Would have been nice to observe that (a) not only Jewish groups were outraged: clearly most of the UK was, and an anti-fascist groups was actually the most vociferous in their condemnation.

  6. Agreed. It’s not like Jews are the only people in the UK who oppose the Nazis! Why everybody, the NYT included, is focusing just on Jewish protests is bizarre. The Nazis bombed London!

  7. Actually the media reports covered various groups both Jewish and not to express their outrage.
    They covered ex-Army people as well as the usual rent a quotes.

  8. The Board: *Some* of the reports included non-Jewish sources. However, most of them focused disproportionately on Jewish condemnations – and even the BBC found the occasion to quote ‘Michael Howard, who is Jewish’ – as if that explains why he condemned Harry’s actions.
    But today his aunt says Harry is a fine young man, so it’s all right, then?
    Actually, though, I think this has been blown out of all proportion. Apparently [just on the Today programme] it’s on the front page of EVERY UK newspaper – Sun to Independent – today. (Well, I guess it’s marginally more interesting than Germaine Greer leaving Celebrity Big Brother). But please, journalists, find some real news.

  9. For some reason, everything the royals do is big news. I think the press gave them a break for a while after Diana was killed, but I guess that’s over.
    Anyway, when you are a celebrity who is constantly being photographed by the press Nazi gear is always a poor choice. I can’t imagine what he was thinking.

  10. It’s the story of the week, when generally it was a poor news week.
    It is a good scoop for The Sun.
    But really, it is time to move on.
    Atleast most Jews want the story to move on….

  11. To show how completely stupid this gaffe was, let’s set aside for the moment the fact that the Nazis tried to exterminate and entire race — that’s bad enough judgment on his part alone. But didn’t the Nazis also almost destroy London?!
    What a spoiled jerk.

  12. To show how completely stupid this gaffe was, let’s set aside for the moment the fact that the Nazis tried to exterminate and entire race — that’s bad enough judgment on his part alone. But didn’t the Nazis also almost destroy London?!
    What a spoiled jerk.

  13. hello !! why the hell do british taxpayers still fund this good for nothing bunch of rich idiots?!?
    let those ex-germans go out and earn a living like the rest of us human beings. or would that be cruel and unsual to expect from someone who never worked a day in his/her (even worthless people deserve some PC-ness) life.

  14. This certainly does something for Republicanism in Britain, but then without the bunch of in-breds in the palace why would the tourists come?

  15. via Cursor.org: apparently rightist Germans have something to say about it.
    When Harry Met Hitler‘ A Speigel commentator says that British disgust over Prince Harry’s costume party attire, at which the theme was “colonials and natives,” is “not free from hypocrisy.”

  16. “its ok to be a nazi to be honest.” Yeah, it’s ok to hate jews for no reason. Nothing wrong with that. Are you kidding me?

  17. I’m not arguing against the right to express those opinions, I’m arguing against the actual opinions. I’m curious to know what valid reasons there could possibly be for hating an entire religion, race, ethnicity, etc.

  18. It’s not just about Nazi persecution of our Jewish people. London was bombed unmercifully by Nazi planes during WW II. British troops served valiently and died by the thousands fighting the Nazis. This is not obscure history. Why does the son of the possible future king of England not know this? Is he totally brainless as well as rude?

  19. You are all idiots. Do you think he does not know of the historical nature of his uniform? As one of the posts correctly stated, it was a “Colonialism and Natives” theme party. His costume is that of an Afrika Corp soldier. I am guessing that he arrived late to the costume shop and all the US and Israeli soldier costumes were rented. He should have worn something from his own attic, but maybe it was filled with bourgeois (like this comment thread) who would not have gotten the joke.
    F nazis AND zionists, let the dead bury the dead.

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