Bizarre Kabbalah Spam

Apparently every Jew on my server was just sent the following spam by a group of chasidishe kabbalists looking to capitalize on the Kabbalah Learning Center-perpetuated red string fad:

You can now receive your “Kabbalistic Red String” from Or Hahechal

This string is prepared at the tomb of the Matriarch Rachel according to the ancient tradition known to the sages of Jerusalem.

It symbolizes eternal hope and the knowledge that sincere prayer is the most powerful force in the world. The Red String helps you focus on the Merit of Rachel, who through her life of sanctity and self sacrifice, became the collective consciousness of all Israel.

The merit of our Mother Rachel is the channel through which G-d comes into each person’s life at his/her darkest moment with hope and transformation.

The purpose of wearing the Red String is to unite your prayers with those of the holy Zaddikim, and the collective consciousness of all Israel and to protect and help you against any evil.

“My Salvation is from Hashem, who makes heaven and earth! (Psalms)

For more information contact us at [email protected] or visit us at http://www.orhahechal.com

I, of course, responded by telling them that the 8th commandment is “thou shalt not steal” and that spam constitutes theft of services. Desperate times tho, huh?

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